Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bleed For Me

"This sea of writhing bodies had better fucking lead to Kage..." 

You've been hanging round
With an enemy of the state
Come with me to the building
That no one stops to watch

Come on, bleed
Bleed for me

We'll strap you to a pipe
Electrodes on your balls
C'mon scream
C'mon writhe
Face down in a pool of piss

We're well trained by the CIA
With Yankee tax money in Ft. Bragg
The Peace Corps builds up labor camps
When they think they're building schools, ha!

Maybe you'll just disappear

~ Dead Kennedys

Soooo...um...hmmmm. Not too much happening in my life right now, what with being stuck in hop-sital and all, but there are a few interesting updates. Pretend you’re interested for a moment, k? Then you can go look at some German porn sites, cuz even I can admit that they’ve got me beat for content and plot at this particular moment.

Update #1. I wrote to Jello Biafra, demanding to know when he would be gracing my city and regaling me with his cape-ed ablutions of the world’s politics. To my absolute shock, someone actually replied. To my utter dismay, it was merely to inform me that Mr. Biafra had no intentions of even gracing my continent anytime in the near future.

Oh, and he also said that Mr. Biafra must respectively decline my offer of some pants-less Jello wrestling. Pooh.

See? I wasn't shtting you, he wears a cape.

Update #2. My relationship with Polski, the dancing octogenarian, has hit a somewhat sticky patch. When he saw me yesterday walking with my dad, he accused me of having another boyfriend. When Dad replied, “Actually, this is my daughter”, Polski asked him how old I was and how much Dad would take for me.

Update #3. I’m looking and feeling a bit better.

Desperately trying to teleport Henry Rollins to my hop-sital
bed by telekinesis....

....but I haven't seen him yet. Fucker.

Update #4. I am very upset with some of the nursing staff right now. I had just perfected how to screech around a corner in a standard issue hop-sital wheelchair and then end the sprint in a flawless triple pirouette when they came and took my toy away from me and told me to go back to bed. My cries of needing to train for the next Olympics Fancy Wheelchair Dancing Event went unheard. Chuh.

Update #5. I’m pining for someone, and for once it’s not Henry Rollins, though of course I am always pining for him. But you know who you are, other person.

Update #6. Speaking of Henry “MyPecsDanceOnlyForKage” Rollins! He has a new book coming out!

"On Tuesday, we will be announcing the pre-sale of my new book called Occupants. We will be getting them before the stores do and worked it out with the publisher so we can get them out there asap. This is the book I have been telling you about, the photo/essay book that took me eight years to complete. If you go to HenryRollins.com, you will see the announcement on our store page. Also on Sunday, I will write about it on my Dispatch page on the site. On Tuesday we release the presale thing. It will be on my site and I will also tweet the address at noonish on Tuesday. I will be signing a limited number of these when they arrive in mid September."      www.henryrollins.com

I encourage you to get this book, but NOT UNTIL I HAVE MINE. He’s gonna sign the first however many of them, and if YOU get a signed one and I DON’T? THERE WILL BE FIRE, and someone is gonna get hurt. I’m not saying who, but it’s gonna be you.

I simply must have one. 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Henry.



  1. Oh sweetums...do not pine for me. I know I left JewelsTurning30 and Naughty Nothings but I have a new blog, silly. I wouldn't leave you!


    I challenge you to a wheelchair race! hehehe oh the trouble we'd cause....have you ever tried mixing up those little medicine cups on the tray when the nurse isn't watching!? hehehehe.

  2. One of these days this Rollins guy is going to stop playing hard to get. I'm worried there won't be enough aqueous foam to prevent the fire from spreading.

  3. Good to see you're looking better and feeling better.

  4. Ummm...errr the book...i errr...hmmm..due to publishing differences in different countries..oh gos how do i break it to you...
    I aint got it yet but it is on order though....i will ring the order people and tell 'em to slow down...OR if i get it i promise i wont open it til i get permission from you...
    looking good there K girl...hope that pining resolves itself soon...it is a heartwrenching thing eh?

  5. that henry rollins should be paying you in sweet dirty tongue kisses for all the promoting you do for him...because of you, i read his blog now AND i want that book too, dammit.

  6. How 'bout whoever gets a signed copy of the book must automatically relinquish said copy to you? May make for a less violent outcome.

    Interesting Fun Fact: You know the world pole-dancing finals has a disabled category? Even if you're not disabled, I bet bustin' some badass moves while on a wheelchair would make for an easy win.

    Just sayin'.

  7. I agree, Rollins should have you on the payroll for as much love as you send out in the universe for him. Glad you are feeling better, and you look lovely darling! Keep posting, it's lonely without you!

  8. hurry back to health my sweet crazy blogger!

  9. Jewels,
    i DO pine for you! though i suppose i could try this new website of yours...

    mmmmmmmmmmmm. god that would be so grand.


  10. Danny,
    WHAT THE FUCK??? your book is already on it's way? WHAT THE FUCK!!!

    oh god. if he kissed me, i would die. happily, though, so there's that. and i just ordered my copy of his book, i hope he rubs it up and down his body before he sends it to me.

    to everything you just wrote; yes yes yes!

  11. Randy,
    thank-you, darling :) and i would accept payment from henry rollins in the form of reciprocal nipple tweaking, if you happen to see him.

    i shall, my darling, i shall!

    wait, WHAT???

  12. glad to hear your feeling better and i totally don't get why they wouldn't let you keep your wheelchair i seriously do they not know how important it is to train for the Olympics.

  13. Gold metal wheel chair dancing? Won't you lose points for sticking the landing by ya know standing? Maybe if you fell over after. And Rollins should be paying you. Keep your chin up Kiddo!

  14. no Happy birthday Paulie? awww.

    I miss you and hope you are doing ok. text me or call me, I miss your voice.

  15. Becca,
    THANK you, finally somebody says it.

    Uncle Peter,
    i know he should. can you talk to him for me?

    shit fuck shit, i've been calling the wrong goddamn number all day! gonna call you again right now, happy birthday!!!!

  16. I'm not sure I wouldn't like it if you set me on fire.

  17. You look good girly, seriously. I would totally eat your face.

  18. Happy to hear you're feeling better. Keep up the... bettering?

    Damn those burns on your shoulders (in the last post, but w/e) look bad. Been there, didn't enjoy it too much...

  19. Ssshhhhhh. Hush now. Sugar Free is here, so your longing and pining can stop. You're welcome.

  20. StigmataHandJob,
    hey, me too!

    that is seriously the sweetest thing you have ever said to me :)

  21. Charlotte,
    good to see you, darling :)

    Sugar Free,
    hold me?

  22. I was reading about Henry Rollins today lol, he has a chef who cooks him basically steamed chicken and thats about it. I saw his house for sale and i thought it would be some smashed up house with a burned out car in the yard. But it is this country style mini mansion with a barbecue pit. It did look very empty i know that he does not like connecting with people too much.


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