Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nice Boobs Will Get You Everything In Life

A little bit of whining, a flash of cleavage, and all of sudden my boobs and I have created a new blog award!

Remember last week, when I was all miffed that the blogger award from Heather at Sugar Free Thoughts wasn’t, in fact, for my amazing rack, but for my writing? Remember the tantrum I threw, the crystal thrown against the walls, the curtains slashed, the fires set and left to burn?

Oh wait, you prolly don’t remember that, since I didn't mention it.

Well, as usual, my tantrum brought me not blame and consequence, but praise and glory in the shape of a brand new blogger award!

That’s right, the fury that my unrequited boobs and I spread last week did not convince Heather to cut all communication with us because of our clear mental instability, but to make an award in our honor - even if only to shut us up:

“Some people are just never satisfied.  I mean, I give an awesome blogger award to my fantastic buddy Kage and what does she do?  She goes and bitches about it not being an award for her  breasticles. 

Of course after I thought about it, I decided she was right.  She has some pretty sweet boobs.”

Haha! See that right there? Evidence that having a great rack and/or a violent temper will get you everything you want in life.

Now, Heather also stated that she doesn’t give a shit what I do with the award, so I think I’ll skip the telling you seven things about myself bit, since I just did it last post. But I will pass the award forward to another five bloggers, in the hopes that they will feel morally obligated to show me their boobs in return.

Edge Of Crazy

Eh, Why Not?

Same Shit, Different Day

Jewels Turning 30

Oh Gosh Wow

And now my boobs and I are going back to bed. We need our busty sleep.

I mean beauty sleep.

No wait, I did mean busty sleep.


  1. Can I get that award if I decided to get really fat and grow some giant moooobs?

  2. Congratulations on this major award! It's nice to know that having boobs finally came in handy...

  3. Yay for Boobs!!!

    In my case...YAY for Padded Bras!

  4. Congrats on having nice breasts and getting an award for them.

  5. In my next life, I want to be a bra.

  6. My rack is considered nice so YAY! Unfortunatly i'm still in college so i cant flash you for fear of getting kicked out. Are you irish? Just wondering because you have an Irish rack like me. YAY THANK YOU!!!

    Yes i find that boobs do need a nice long rest, especially after being fondled to often for their beauty.

    Excuse me while i do my happy dance!

  7. @rafa- i already am a bra...bro..bra...depends on my gps location...

    well at least my mouth has been around a lot of boobies...


    nice rack! and congrats to your new rackers...

    oh wait what are we calling these winners?

    hey s/f is it ok to call the recipients of this awesome award rackers?

  8. The proof of the boob lies in the quality of the milk, Ms Kage. If you give me a sample, I'll make it into a jungle milkshake.

  9. WHAT???? You didn't even pass the award to me!!!! Let's see if this tantrum thing works as well for me as it did for you, Kage. or...

    I'll just have to earn it by putting a picture of me and my stunning rack up on my blog. So there.

  10. No moobs only boobs, if I want to see moobs I'll lift my t-shirt up:P

  11. Life is really simpler than many folks make it out to be. Now if we just deal with those radioactive breasts in northern Japan things would be peachy.

  12. WOHOO

    You do have a nice rack baby

    that is all

  13. And it came to pass that after much gnashing of teeth Kage was awarded for her fun-bags. She looked down and was pleased. As were those who followed her...
    Now enough of this young lady, get back there and start churning out some more brilliant observations for I am now at the gnashing of the teeth moment...
    Seriously...congrats girl ;

  14. I'm sad my boobs were not considered for this. They are nothing short of epic, and can make a woman faint even just through a thin shirt.

  15. Maybe my new medication will give me some mighty titties so I can compete? haha doubt it.
    I do love your writing and your boobs though.

  16. Mike,
    we'll see. you have to make it through the audition process, of course.

    thank-you! it is a very prestigious award. i should imagine the nobel peace prize is next.

    i'll be the judge of that ;)

    Oilfield Daddy,
    everybody's good at something, you know?

    um...may we see your happy dance?

    'rackers' sounds good to me!

    you're on! cuz my milkshake brings all the apes to my yard.

    Sugar Free,
    you are absolutely right. please submit immediately a picture of you and your girls for review.

    Angry Lurker,
    arse gravy! haha!

    sorry, i guess i'm still not over that one.

    Jersey Dave,
    yeah, if those radioactive japanese boobs think they're gonna take over the world, they got another thing coming. that role is already destined to be filled by me and mine!

    though maybe i should consider making my boobs radioactive too.

    now you show me yours, lol

    "She looked down and was pleased."

    haha! yeah, that sounds about right ;)

    i'm sorry boys, i certainly didn't mean to make you and your boobies feel left out. let me give them a kiss to make 'em feel better.

    oh no! now my boobs are sad too :(

    and my writing and my boobs love you, too ;)

  17. You totally deserve the Rack award. And no, not for the obvious oh-so-sexy reasons. You just throw it all out there (blog wise) and i think that's why you're amazing!!!

  18. Copyboy,
    aw! you're so sweet, thank-you :)

  19. I HAVE A NICE RACK!!!! YES!!!! Alright, sweets. Tomorrow's blog post is going to be my rack! Promise! yay me!!!! Love the award and LOVE that I got it! hehehehehe

  20. FINALLY I get an award that's meaningful instead of the bullshit "I like what's on your mind" stuff I've gotten in the past.

    I heart your rack and I will blog about them AND mine!

    Btw, you're not the only person to request that I blog about my ovaries again in the future. Hmmm..... this gives me an idea for creating my own award!

    Prepare yourself! You just might be praised again for your fertileness. ;)

    You're hot!

  21. Wow! Now I don't feel so bad about only liking you for your jugs;)

    Ps. I like your stems too.

  22. Heather cut my award in half because of my sideboob. Yours deserve four of those awards. DAYUM!


  23. damn.. when is this sexism going to end so someone can finally give me an award for my testicles? :)

  24. Those are some magical mammaries ma'am.

  25. Kage, i might let everyone see a picture of me while doing my happy dance. ;)

  26. Whoa.

    Did someone say boobs?

  27. so AWESOME! thanks for the award, it's my first! now if i only knew how to claim it, or where to put it, or where my push-up bra was....

  28. hahaha hell yes i will do this!! right now.

    thank you muchly kage. what kind of mind thinks up this award? :] xx

  29. Hahaha congrats!!! Definitely well deserved. :) You must have work hard for such a rack and I mean. . . come on you work it! ;D

  30. And another award for ya..popular lady.


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