Monday, March 7, 2011

Jesus Is Coming! Look Busy

"You would be lovely with a bit of mint sauce..."

I've noticed lately that other bloggers are letting their thoughts on religion be known through their blogs, and I realized it was high time that I did the same. After all, you don't really know a person until you know their views on spirituality, do you?

I have found a soulful, talented young artist who expresses my feelings on God and religion so much better than I ever could. I would like to share that with you now.

Last year's Christmas card.


  1. That's a brilliant card, really brilliant.

  2. I do truly feel like I know you now.

    "Little cloven feet make it hard to ski..."

    This shit was great!!!!

  3. OOh! haven't seen that one. I've seen Jesus loves you everyone else thinks you're an asshole....good stuff.

    I've missed you love.

    I do believe I am ready for some tutoring....

  4. I love the frequency of Stephen Lynch on your page lately! haha. Bealz makes me laugh out loud! hahaha. Love the card too...that one just never gets old.

  5. Lynch has good shit. Some is even better than these.

    Good stuff.

  6. I like Craig. I'm going to pray to him.

  7. Yeah, this one is up there with John Valbee's stuff.

  8. Angry Lurker,
    thanks! i wish i could take credit for it. actually, i just will.

    Sugar Free,
    that was my favorite part too, so adorable. now if he would just put a plastic bag over his head...

    i've missed you too! email me whenever you want :)

    i know, it was a very stephen lynch weekend for bad thing ;)

    yeah, i like a lot of his stuff. the guy's nuts.

    fucking craig! i think i'll pray to him too

    ...and i'm off to discover who john valbee is...

  9. Craig Christ, he'll be eating you at The Last Supper.

  10. his facial expressions are hilarious :D
    and i think clubbing baby seals is the ultimate evil pastime :D

  11. Ahahahahaha!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I LOVE this guy!!! Btw, I also saw you post his baby song on "A Beer For the Shower" and I totally thought the same thing! :)

    If we lived near each other I would propose we go on a date at a religious seminar. We'd ride together listening to our shared lover Mr. Lynch. I get the feeling we'd have a fucking great time! ;)

    Stay awesome!

  12. love it

    You gave me a much needed giggle


    you rock

    that is all

  13. I think you can find a Stephen Lynch song to accurately cover just about anything we've ever blogged about. And I am more than okay with that.

  14. I'd advise you to go with Craig, Miss Kage. Something tells me he'd be better in bed than Satan.

  15. Ha! That was f'n awesome. Made my day.

  16. I'll have to check out the vids this weekend when I'm off.

    I generally steer clear of the whole religion topic. Too many people hide under the guise of their faith. Gives them a right to be assholes I suppose.

    I don't need a faith to be an asshole. hahaha

  17. Jersey Dave,
    god willing...

    My German Pickle,
    i know, he looks SO crazy!

    it's a date!

    anything to make you giggle ;)

    i know, right? he's like a modern day prophet.

    Gorilla Bananas,
    the same something tells me that this particular satan has zero interest in my vagina.

    Christopher Allen,
    you inspired it with your post on religion, remember?

    haha! atta girl ;)

  18. We always take Mr. Lynch's full collection on road trips. My husband and I are very evil any time we see a big fat friend out with a group of girls. "So what if you're a cow..."


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