Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do It With A Rockstar


  1. That was an oddly beautiful song. In a way.

  2. I couldn't tell the difference between the trannies and the real women, but then I'm a gorilla. The music really held my attention until I got distracted by the naked bodies. It looked quite painful - were they having butt sex?

  3. amanda palmer rocks! plus for some weird reason she is an honorary orstralian...great vid! ;)

  4. GB,
    it's okay, i actually thought she was a dude in a bra and corset the first time i watched it. after i got over my disappointment that she is actually a she, i quite enjoyed the part when she cries. which is prolly very telling about me.

    yeah, she has a lot of songs about orstralia. have you heard her vegemite love song, "the black death"? it's awesome!

  5. Love how the bassist is the only one who doesnt score.

  6. Oh lord help me. I can honestly say that I have never and now even more so don't ever want to do it with a rock star. That red head on the otherhand? yes. A lot.

    And also yeah Kage! Wow how I've missed you bloggy friend! Life's been a touch too normal without you around.

  7. Bass players NEVER score...

    ... or do we??? :oD


  8. Bedrock,
    yeah, this video is full of lies, i only hump the bass player

    thank-you darling! it's good to be back.

    pis.s. the redhead is a porn star named stoya doll...

    1. Well who knew? I like her as a red head, the shy down cast eyes act is so different than I've ever seen her. She truly is an actress of star caliber. If you excuse me I'll be going over some film to truly appreciate the craft she has. ;)

  9. Shoes,
    i totally though the bassists were the sluttiest guys in the band. was i wrong all this time?!?!?!

  10. Do those fellas ever squish their nuts between their legs like a vice when they do a mangina? That would hurt like hell.


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