Sunday, August 26, 2012


This world rejects me
This world threw me away
This world never gave me a chance
This world's gonna have to pay

~ Nine Inch Nails

Oooooops. Sorry for the long wait. I know I said that I would post pics "tomorrow", as in "the next day", as in "the day after the show", as in "24 hours later". But what I MEANT was "I will post them in a week or so if I ever get my shit together".

So...the show didn't go exactly as planned. We had a start time of 12:45; at 11:30 someone came running up to us and said, "You're next!" We had about five minutes to get ready, which is kinda stressful when you're playing with fire and piercing your groodies. We pretty much doused the entire dressing room in accelerant before making our way onstage for our set. There were a couple of minor choreography hiccups; Dee discovered that piercing her boob and then lighting it on fire is actually quite heavy; the stagehands forgot to sweep up the salt after the piercing show; I completely forgot every-fucking-thing I was supposed to do the moment we stepped onto the stage. But the best cock-up was saved for last... we were about a quarter of the way into our third and final song, when the music just....stopped. Stopped dead, for like ten whole seconds, and then some  kissy face R&B song came on instead. Dee just kept twirling her fire, she was a total star, but needless to say, it kinda ruined the atmosphere.

But enough of that. Without further ado, here are The Dark Carnival Dolls...

BonBon and her poi...

Dee piercing her groodies...

Dee spinning fire...

Kage, BonBon and Dee

And the evening ended with no casualties. The End.


  1. Amazing.

    I love this kinda stuff. So much that I once persuaded a friend to use his fire poi in my garden - which was fine - up until the bit where he set next doors tree on fire.

  2. Bravo, Kage, you definitely added some eye candy to the act. How close did you get to the flames?

  3. I am quite a pyromaniac really so yes I really enjoyed that and by God I would pay for it. It's kinda sad it didn't go as well as it could, but at least no one got injured.

  4. You are right! No one was injured!!! Screw ups always can happen. It sounds like you all did the right thing!!


  5. Ok, that looks like a seriously awesome spectacular to behold! And you darling, look gorgeous as always!

  6. How did you get into the position where you were piercing your groobies and setting fire to 'em?! That is well funny.

    You look good girl!

  7. I probably would have lit my beard up. That also probably would have made an entertaining show.

  8. me and fire....that DK song keeps running through me head
    'No junk food, just earthly goods
    I ate weird berries in the woods
    Now I'm seeing colors, I'm getting higher
    I think I'll start a forest fire...'
    Anyway coool stuff....glad all were non injured!

  9. You are stunning and that looks so badass. I'm sure a couple little snafus are no big deal when that much excitement is going on! Well done, doll.

  10. you look amazing ! hiccups happen but i think everything looks good here :)

  11. Dirty Cowgirl,
    hey, we almost did that too!

    yeah, eye candy was pretty much all i had to offer to the team. but i did get closer to the flames than i ever have before...

  12. Mark,
    i've never been much of a pyro myself, but it was so cool to watch these girls at work. they were so amazing.

    Red Shoes,
    phew! not even any hair caught fire lol

  13. Randy,
    thanks darling :)

    aren't they cool?

  14. Lady M,
    only dee was piercing her groodies; i just helped her. i'm not that crazy lol

    that would have made a great show. we could have smothered your face fire with our pierced groodies.

  15. Danny,
    oh that is one of my dk favorites, too! love it

    yeah, i was totally thrilled with the outcome, as in nobody died ;)

  16. Jaya,
    thanks hun :) and yeah, the girls did an amazing job even though they were so rushed.

  17. This was at the distillery? God damn it. I wish I'd know about it I'd have been there. I really wish I'd been keeping up with the blogosphere a bit more.

  18. I'm glad no one got hurt. I think the nudey bars in my neck of the woods need to step up their game. You girls are rockin' it!!

  19. The pictures were definitely worth the wait. You look so gorgeous, it's hard to pay attention to anything but your beautiful face.

  20. NTH,
    i would have loved to see you there! after all, if it weren't for you i wouldn't have known that henry rollins was coming to town, back in june. we have another piercing show next wednesday night, if you're around...

    Dr. Kenny,
    we didn't actually strip in this show, sadly. or at least, we weren't supposed to.

  21. Nellie,
    you are so sweet to me :) thank-you for always saying such lovely things

  22. I missed a bunch of your posts, but just read up on them a bit. I love the story from the bachelor party! That was awesome!

    I love fire - your show sounds pretty badass although it didn't go exactly as planned. But do things ever?

  23. Must say I'm starting to like you! Your showing more and more class!;) becarful when playing with fire you don't get burnt.

  24. The photos look amazing! I found this quote & thought instantly of you, though you've probably heard it/found it/quoted it before.

    "I want a soul mate who can sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things I don't already know, and make me laugh. I don't care what you look like, just turn me on." - Henry Rollins

  25. Where have you gone and please come back. MISS YOU!

  26. Hey girl it's your long lost fighter pilot you met in Guam. I'm back to this place and was thinking of you. Nice blog....I hope you're well.

  27. Oh yes fucking way...Guam just isn't the same without you.

  28. well tell me how to find you, goddamn it! are you on the facebook?

  29. Nope...I do my social networking with a whiskey and a smile. However, I am so technologically sophisticated as to have one of these new-fangled email accounts though:
    Drop me a line...

  30. Excellent pictures and really cool especially all the ladies!

  31. Your life legit looks so much more exciting than what mine ever does. Flamethrowing?thats pretty amazing, you can always fire it at the fuckers who try to sneak it without paying.
    It looks like a circus in a way, i wish they dbring those back.

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