Friday, June 1, 2012

Henry Rollins Countdown!....(and A Gorilla In My Tits)

Henry Rollins, in my bedroom.

The gorgeous Henry Rollins is here; he is in Victoria, Canada! My womb shivers at the mere thought of our proximity. I am certain that by the time he makes his way to Calgary, I will be a melted puddle of estrogen on the pavement. All I ask is that he steps through me on his way into the theatre.

Time is a-ticking, friends. If you want to see Henry Rollins while he is touring this ice bucket we call Canada, go here to get your tickets now.

I haven't posted in a while, because I am moody and unreliable. But alas, I wanted to share with you the adventures of my new friend, Gorilla Bananas Junior. GBJ was sent to me by a random stranger of whom I have never heard, nor spoken to, nor left stupid comments on his blog. This little gift came from out of the blue...

Let's see a day-in-the-life of one of my victims.

GBJ, Driving to Work

Working Reception at the Tattoo Parlour

GBJ Coffee Break

Sniffing Panties Shopping for Panties at 
the Loonie Plus Store
GBJ Getting tattooed by Wes
GBJ getting his eyebrow pierced by
the gorgeous Deanna Mae
Shameless Tourist Photo Op
Hey Henry Rollins: see how nicely I treat my guests? If you need a place to crash while you're in town next week, I can promise you the same tattooing, piercing, panty-sniffing fun.

Take a look at this:

Come to me, Henry...
I know what you can't resist, baby.



  1. Oh I love GBJ. I only hope GB senior doesn't mind his offspring getting tattooed and pierced.

    And as for Henry... he'd be mad not to really.

  2. He's actually a voodoo doll rather my offspring, Ms Cowgirl. That means I felt the tattooing and piercing on my own body. But the pain was bearable because the sensation of Kage's titties was still on my butt. I'm looking forward to further treats...

  3. Like seeing the adventures of your gorilla. Anything but a gnome. I hate gnomes and just don't get them. Hope you get a piece of that Henry!!!

  4. Hound dog will hunt! Gorilla Banana's is 6 kinds of awesome and that doll is too.

  5. Ah. The Gorilla got a boob hammock. All I've ever wanted is a boob hammock. Alas, I'm a full grown human being and as far as I know, 50 foot tall women with giant breasts do not exist.

    Because I would pay for that shit.

  6. Henry Rollins is in Canada, and you haven't pulled a Misery? You're getting soft Kage. You're even showing affection. Though you seem to like those kids that come in to the tattoo parlour actually. The little gorilla looks cute too :)

  7. lol. this is hilarious, Kage !
    GBJ looks pretty happy in all of that pics, and he sits well on your chest :p
    i have the same book case but with door on them !

  8. Lucky damn Gorilla... just sayin'...


    ~Herr Shoes~

  9. Ha, you never know he might leave with you, hes single i read. I like that you have an atm in the tatoo parlour, is that if someone wants more tattoos or they come in drunk. I was going to get one then i chickened out. The gorilla is now pierced and tatooed, imagine if King Kong was like that, would he still want to smash shit?, he mightjust decide to go work for the suicide girls.

  10. That's one bad ass gorilla, and Henry sure would be making a mistake by missing out on all that fun.

  11. GBJ RULES!! Okay Kage we need to discuss this as mature adults. Just kidnap his ASS!!! Any man comes around chained up next to a woman that looks like you the only reason he would want a phone is to order takeout. Let me know how it goes. Miss ya kiddo!

  12. I had a little elf friend I was very fond of. His name was Tomtin. I broke him. Then, I glued him back together, only to break him two more times. He is now more dust than elf.

  13. funny girl...good to see you back this is where you say 'you too danny boy' and come over to mine ok?
    Ooh..enjoy Hank!

  14. I'm pretty good with love connections, so here's how I think you play this one with Mr. Rollins:

    Sequins: Hey! You like to read too?! Wanna screw?

  15. This first paragraph is going to stick in my head for days!

  16. Dirty Cowgirl,
    i'll let you know how it goes on tuesday night...;)

    how did the scrotum piercing feel, darling?

  17. Middle Child,
    yeah, gnomes are SO 1998.

    yeah, they're both pretty sweet.

  18. Mike,
    giant boobie hammock, huh? i'm on it.

    i like the big hairy apes too ;)

  19. Mark,
    oh my god. MISERY. you're so right. how did i not think of that?

    gotta go!

    now we just need matching gorillas ;)

  20. Red Shoes,
    danke schoen, herr shoes...

    don't chicken out darling! go get that tattoo!

  21. Charlotte,
    you, me and henry. are you in?

    Uncle Petey,
    now THAT is advice i can use! miss you too :)

  22. NellieVaughn,
    awww, breaking him is just proof of how much you love him. it's true! just ask everything that i own.

    merci beau-coup. GET IT?

  23. Danny,
    did you see me danny? huh? huh? did you see me?

    Dr. Kenny,
    omigod, that is exactly what i was going to say to him. how did you know?!

  24. Valentina,
    ah, there you are! where have you been, my beautiful friend?

  25. SUFFERING! Am back, to spread the misery though. Or share the wisdom, as I like to call it. Waiting for your Henry tale! How did it go?? xx


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