Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)

Get out of YOUR bed, and into MINE, Kage!
Jesus Christ.

Kids at school are taking sides
Along color and uniform lines
My dad's gone and bought a gun
He says he's fed up
With crime in this town
This could be anywhere
This could be everywhere
 I hope I'm gone before it explodes
I linger late at night
Waiting for the bus
No amount of neon jazz
Could hide the oozing vibes of death
My dad's a vigilante now
He's bringing home these weird-ass friends
Like the guy who fires blanks at his TV
When Kojak's on
Or the guy who shows off his submachine gun
To his sixteen-year-old daughter's friends
Whose sense of pride and hope
Is being in the police reserve
This could be anywhere
This could be everywhere

~ Dead Kennedys

Great FUCK but I’m bored.

My parents dragged me up to Small Mountain Town, where they have a nice quiet condo on the snowed-out golf course, because they didn’t think they could trust me to be at home alone for four days. They were right.

I have spent the past three days lying in bed, listening to Dead Kennedys, forgetting how to type, and wondering where the fuck my life is going.


The fact that Facebook just sent me a message, letting me know that my own-self-under-my-fake-name, Victoria Beckons, will be turning 32 this week, has only compounded my desire to never leave my bed again. Fucking Facebook. How the fuck am I supposed to lie about my age when you FUCKING TELL EVERYONE, ASSHOLE?

At times like this I really want to pull a Hunter S. Thompson. Thank Christ the ‘rents didn’t let me drive my own car up here.

Um...I mean, happy new year, everyone.

The dogs and I are going back to bed.


  1. You could have some serious fun on a snow covered golf course.

  2. If it's any consolation.....32 is my lucky number. When I turned 31, I was all like "31???....No no no. What kind of number is that?? I'm just gonna tell people I'm 32. Yeah."

    Cheers my Kagey Friend!

  3. Yea? Well I just turned 33, and as a man, I am 33.

    You, you can be 29 for 10-15 years at least. That is a woman's prerogative.

    So happy 29th. For the Third time!

  4. Oh we're in the same boat, trust. 30 and just moved back in with the parents (even though I'm married). No car. No job. Got room in your bed for me?


  5. oilfield daddy,
    i'm gonna need a little more info.

    sugar free,
    WHA???? why would you say you're OLDER THAN YOU ARE? lol

    tee hee! i'll take it ;)

    as a matter of fact i do. you're gorgeous, i'll shove a dog out ;)

  6. No need to be worried about the age. You can pull off much younger!!! Plus I will make it my duty to drag you out for coffee it being decaf or otherwise. :D

  7. says my 18 year old friend. lol.

    but you're on for coffee :)

  8. Holy Shit! Frankenchrist is WITHOUT A DOUBT still one of the best albums of all time.


    That line still gives me chills every damn time.


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