Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Jogging. We're Blog Jogging.

"Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct."
~ Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor

Welcome Blog Joggers, Friends, People Of Questionable Sanity, and Poor, Innocent ByStanders.

Thank-you for checking out my Blog!

I hope you enjoy your tour of my lunacy, in it's written form. If you don't, well hey - at least you get to leave. I would ask before you begin perusing, though, to please bear in mind that the entire contents of this blog are intended for a mature audience only. The stories of the industry I chose to work in, and the subsequent troubles and dramas, were all events of an adult nature. The tone (and dreadful language) that my blog then spawned was a natural and inevitable consequence.  Much as I wanted to appear normal and balanced and fun-for-the-whole-family in my writing, I could not create a happy candyland setting AND be truthful with my story at the same time. There was simply no way I would have been able to genuinely and sincerely recount my experiences from this past year, or my true feelings and how I had reacted in each situation, or the very depths of my reckless highs and suicidal lows, were I trying to squeeze my x-rated life into a more acceptable, aesthetically pleasing, pg-13 package.

I chose to bare my truths here, for better or for worse, to see if it would be cathartic.

I add this extra disclaimer simply to ensure that no one gets caught wandering around my Blog with their pants down. If you are under 18 years of age or are easily offended, then this Blog is not for you.

This Blog Contains Mature Content. This Blog May Explode If Too Vigorously Rubbed. Please Clean Up Any Projectile Personal Bodily Fluids This Blog May Invoke. Please Leave Tip For Said Projectile Bodily Fluids On Proverbial Side Table.

Anyhoo...When you're done here, and you've had enough of crying on the floor in the fetal position and are ready for a happier Blog in the Jog, head on over to, for some more great writing.

If you would like to visit a different Blog in the Jog, please go to

Thanks again, and have fun Jogging!


Pis.s. Just found the link to my blog on the jog, on Carol Denbow's site, so the blog before mine. She obviously tried  really hard to warn people about my blog, without totally trashing me. So cute!

"When you’re done peeking at my site here, please click over to “Sex, Sequins + Sociopaths” (adult content) WARNING! The next Blog is LOADED with adult content. If you are under 18 or need to skip over it, jump ahead to "


  1. I'm of questionable sanity. Have a great week. And happy blogging.

  2. Happy Blog Jog Day! Great post lol. Have a great day :)


  3. @ Joylene: we are kindred spirits...and we're both canadian! what does that mean?!

    @BK: thanks, i like your blogs too


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