Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey all, sorry I haven't written all weekend. I decided to start another blog on that will strictly pertain to my eating disorder, as opposed to this one, where I bitch and complain about anything and everything. So I titled this blog entry "cheating" because I've been "doing" another blog! Hahaha! Get it? "Doing" another blog?

Aaaaaaaaaaah! I wonder why I'm not a professional writer yet.

Anyhoo, have actually had a really good past few days. Since she has snatched away my right to spend time with Baby, I have reestablished my former policy for dealing with Baby Momma, the "Do Not Even Mention That Fucking Whore's Name In Front Of Me" method, which I have had great success with in the past. Bf and I are interacting and living our every day lives like always, but with absolutely no discussion or mention of Baby Momma and whatever her latest antics might be.

I was extremely apprehensive about doing this last week. Being the adorable control freak that I am, I was scared that if I didn't torture Bf into repeating every single thing she had said to him following each conversation, he would not be able to resist her and fight her off on his own. There is some element of truth to that, in the simple fact that Bf still gives Baby Momma the benefit of the doubt and chance after chance to do the right thing, no matter what every single past experience with her may say. Bf refuses to look cynically at everything she does - he somehow still believes in her, that she is capable of doing the right thing. I, on the other hand, believe with all my heart, and I am not kidding here, that Baby Momma is a narcissistic sociopath, who lacks all ability to feel empathy for others or engage in the slightest act of kindness or sincerity, and has more stds than moral conscience (and brain cells). Basically, I don't believe she is actually capable of an unselfish act towards another, and have therefore been acting as a translator for Bf. He in his optimism will recount what she has said, and I will point out to him what Baby momma is actually trying to get out of each scenario.

ooooh, sons of butcher is finished and now i'm falling asleep. finish this tomorrow.....

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