Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bye Bye, Baby

Well, that's it, then. It's all over. The 2 year feud between that fucking psycho Baby Momma, Bf and myself has finally come to an end. At least, it has for me.

And I lost.

When Baby Momma found out last week that Bf had let me take Baby for a day instead of giving Baby to her, she lost her tiny little mind. Even though it was Bf's week, Baby Momma has continued to insist that Baby should be with her when he is at work, rather than a baby-sitter, or even her Nana and Nono. When she found out that Baby was, in fact, with me, all fucking hell broke loose. Here are a few of the things she vomited through the phone lines to Bf, unaware that I was listening in:

"I would never do that to you! I would never let (Name of her apparently lobotomized boyfriend) take Baby when her Dad is free to!"

"That is MY baby! I carried her in my tummy for 9 months, not Kg!"

"How dare you tell Baby to call Kg Mummy, you fucking retard?"

"If you ever leave Baby with Kg again, I'll call the police!"

"You act like Kg is the mum, and I'm the stepmum!"

"I'm gonna take your kid AND your money, you fucking retard!"

That was just one conversation, out of a week's worth of bitching. Still, it's nothing new, so when Bf told me tonight that he was giving in to her demands, I was shocked, to say the least.

Things between Bf and myself have been really crappy lately. He misunderstood something I wrote on my blog about my taking drugs to be happy - I meant legal antidepressants, he thought I meant illegal narcotics - and for a week he thought that I was using again, and treated me accordingly. We finally cleared the air and got past it on Monday night, when I asked him why he was acting like he could barely tolerate the sight of me. Once resolved, we went out for dinner and spent a really great evening together, which we haven't done in quite a while.

Anyway, that was a few days ago, and even though we made up, things have still been a bit strained between us. I tried to keep a light and chipper conversation going over the phone tonight, and asked how Baby had been last night, when Baby Momma had let him take her for the evening. He told me about their evening, and then gave me some interesting news - Baby Momma had apologized for spazzing about Baby calling me Momma Kg. Apparently, Baby had started calling her boyfriend Daddy, and, just as Baby was about me, was refusing to be corrected or dissuaded. Baby Momma has since been pleasant again towards Bf.

"That's great," I enthused, though slightly bewildered. "So it's okay that I take Baby for a few days next week!"

"I don't think so, babe," he said grimly. "Baby's going to be with my mum."

"Okay, well I can have her for a few days, can't I?"

And that's when he dropped the bomb. He told me he agreed with Baby Momma that I should no longer be taking care of Baby during his week of custody.

"What? Why?" I cried.

"Because I don't want to have to go through all this again," he snapped. "The screaming and yelling, threatening to call the police. It sucks."

"But can't you just tell her that Baby is with your mum, and I can take her?" I pleaded.

"That obviously didn't work, though did it?" he said. "She still found out."

"So you're just gonna cave?" I said incredulously.

"I'm not caving!" he snapped.

"Yes you are!" I cried.

"No I'm not! I've been doing a lot of research into this lately, and actually she's right. Baby should be with her mum, not you."

My mouth dropped open, but not a peep came out. He continued. "All the stuff I've read is pretty much against you, Kg. Baby should be with a parent, and she is Baby's mum."
"So you caved," I said again.

"No I didn't! Stop saying that! I feel like you're trying to manipulate me when you say that."

"What? You feel like I am trying to manipulate you? Me, not Baby Momma?"

"Yes, you. You are not Baby's mum, Kg. She is."

And that was it. Bf said he didn't want to talk about it anymore. I said fine. We both hung up.

And that is how I lost my Baby.

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