Thursday, February 4, 2010

Suck It, Baby Momma

Isn't that picture the cutest thing you have ever seen? i was thinking about changing my profile pic on Facebook to that pic - since I blocked Baby Momma, that's the only way to get her to see it ;)

Baby is with her mum right now. No news yet on if she has said anything about Momma Kg, but since my car hasn't exploded upon starting, I am going to assume that I am safe. For now.

I have been having a craptacular time on the job front. I applied to a shit load of jobs online, and when that didn't work, I got all dolled up and went in to the place I want to work at most - a massive bookstore conglomerate - and tried to apply in person. Get this - THEY REFUSED TO ACCEPT MY RESUME. I was told to apply online, I said that I had, could I also leave a resume with them? And they said NO. Isn't that bizarre? I wanted to reassure them that my resume wasn't actually laced with anthrax, but I figured smart ass remarks wouldn't help matters, so I just thanked them politely and walked back out again. I guess I get to go back to my reclusive, anti-social ways of job searching, and just keep applying online.

Oh, I did actually get one call back. It was from a company I don't recall applying to. I looked through my confirmation emails of every place I had applied to, and couldn't find AIL anywhere. So I googled them, to see if I could figure out what position I had applied for.

I found them. Whoo HOO, did I find them!

I found endless forums and posts about this sweet little company that has been ripping people off throughout This Province and The One Beside It for a few years now. Basically, they post a fake job offer - I figured out it was the busy-dealership-looking-for-a-receptionist ad that hadn't left it's company name - and then call all their "applicants" and offer them an interview. Each person is told that even though they applied for this or that, they are really well suited to work sales for AIL's insurance company, and are promised elaborate pipe-dream promises about how much money they are going to make. At the interview, once they have their fish on the hook about how much money they are going to make doing sales for AIL, the applicants are then told that all they need to do to get started is to pay $312 for a license, plus and additional $300-something for the training and administration fee. Many people have apparently forked over the money, only to discover themselves in commission-only jobs with no leads, where the only work they can do is to recruit new suckers to give the company the fees to get started.

FUCK ME. I can't believe that the ONE fucking phone call I get is for a fucking scam! But thank fuck for the Interweb, this series of tubes - otherwise, I would have gotten my hopes up and called them back about an interview. From my former years of modeling, I know better than to fork over a single cent to EVER secure a job, but I was excited that I had finally gotten a call for a job. What a shit show.

Other than that, I had a pretty good day today. My back was spasming too badly to go to the gym, but 2 extra strength Advils and two Robaxecets later, I was comfortable enough to do a few things at home. I was sore from the workout I had done two days ago, but I finished anyway, and was feeling pretty good about myself at the end. I am still at the same weight, but I am starting to lean out again, which makes me feel so much better about everything. And I am excited to get back into the gym tomorrow, to keep this happy-with-my-weight thing alive.

Well, it is now 4 in the morning, and I know I am just kinda rambling now, so I think I will go to bed. I'll write tomorrow, when hopefully I will actually have something substantial to say.


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