Friday, May 10, 2013

This Makes Me Cry

Yes, that IS me.

We played this song all the time at my dance studio, and in my high school dance classes as well. I've also used it in dozens of relaxation and meditation classes, forced though they may have been.

Now my skin just crawls whenever I hear it. THANKS A LOT, CBS.

Though I guess I didn't have to download the song and play it on repeat for four hours.

Excuse the commercial...


  1. <3

  2. Kage!!!!
    Oh how the world sings. Good morning, yes creepy but that's part of why I don't watch the idiot box. Don't have the time, and most certainly don't have the interest. I'm surprised you're not talking about all the NIN news going round these parts. Did you hear about the broken movie getting put up on vimeo and then getting taken down because it was too violent? Or a new tour this year?

  3. I know how you feel. Ever since that movie, Willard, the Jackson 5 song, Ben, now creeps the hell out of me.

  4. I am thrilled to see you around!

    Will watch the video when I am not in class. Less risky...

  5. It made my nipples hard Kage, gone off the song and the series now!

  6. Ms. Kage.

    May I borrow you and your breasts and your pointy, pointy nipples for some glass cutting I need done? Thank you.

    Also, long time no see. Good to see you're still alive!

  7. That's quite a metamorphosis, Kage, you look like a new woman. It's a good thing I have a good memory for nipples, otherwise I might have thought you were an impostor. What have you been doing since we last heard from you?

  8. There's never anything wrong with hard nipples...

    Just sayin'... ;o)


  9. Paulie,
    Do you remember that song? It was everywhere in 1997. You know, when I was born.

    Hot Damn, of COURSE I know about the tour! But what is this about the Broken video on vimeo? I've just been there over the weekend watching NIN stuff and it must already have been taken down. The fuckers. Now I want to see it even more.

  10. Vinnie,
    I would love to be the person who gets to choose the songs for scenes like this one, though let's be honest; it would all be nine inch nails.

    Oh no, now I've got your hopes up. It's not that interesting that you can't watch it in time tho.

  11. Francis,
    That's okay, I've gone off the series too. Though I still seem to see it every day.

    Yeah, I like to keep people guessing... ;) missed ya

  12. GB,
    Obviously, I have been sharpening my nipples...

    Especially mine! lol

  13. Dear Boobies McNipple, of course I remember the song... but were you talking about the Fugees version from when we worked in the bar?

    this is my favorite version:

    <3 miss you.


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