Friday, March 2, 2012

Slip It In

"You wanna slip it in my WHAT?!?!"

You say you don't want it
You don't want it
Say you don't want it
Then you slip it on in

~ Black Flag

I haven’t been seeing much of my Teenage Fan Club lately. I can attribute this only to the fact that the reception they get when I am not in the shop is not exactly warm. As in, it’s cold. Frosty. FREEZING.

Apparently, I’m the only one who thinks watching prepubescent teenage boys wrestle is funny. To each his own, I guess.

I was so pleased when they finally deigned to grace us with a visit, one busy Saturday morning. The shop was pretty packed, but I hadn’t seen the Teenage Fan Club in ages, and so studiously ignored all the paying customers who wished to make actual appointments with their real money, and greeted my boys instead.

“Hi guys,” I grinned and waved from behind the reception desk.

They didn’t answer, just stood stoically still, looking anywhere but directly at me.

Hmmmmm. Something was up.

“What’s going on, guys?” I prompted, as a rough-and-tough biker guy cleared his throat impatiently and waved a stack of twenties in my face. I smiled brightly at him, then turned back to the Teenage Fan Club.

They were still standing in the doorway of the shop, pressed tightly together and clearing their throats in a loud and obnoxious fashion, then nodding their heads in what I finally figured out to be the direction of the Muslim kid’s crotch.

When I finally looked down, a cheer erupted from the entire store, as if my IQ had finally caught up a whole two minutes after everyone else’s. The Teenage Fan Club burst into giggles and started high fiving each other, yelling “We got her! We got her!”

And this is why I love my Teenage Fan Club.

Apparently they found the panties on the
ground in the parking lot.
I really need to talk to these guys,

establish some ground rules.



  1. Is that his meat and vegetables showing through the panties? If they've flashed you once, it's going to happen again. That kind of behaviour is addictive. Get ready to hand out dick evaluations.

  2. I'm pretty sure that guy has herpes now.

  3. My god. They're almost...cute. I'd still yell at them for being on my lawn though.

  4. wow you have rather interesting fans don't you i'm sure they will be returning soon

  5. awww, that's kind of sweet in a creepy, teenager kind of way. You probably are the subject of many many sticky moments for these boys... it's almost like charity work in my opinion. Love it!

  6. wow...thats where they are..they were my favourite pair

  7. So your fan club voluntarily puts on 'found' underwear. Oooookay.
    I'm a fan of yours, but think I'll stick to my own panties. ;-)

  8. What a dumbass. Purple doesn't even match the rest of that outfit.

  9. Is that them? They are adorable.

  10. LMBO @ the comments above... I got nothing to add...


  11. Purple panties are so fucking gangsta. Those kids are hardcore.

  12. Bloody hell - is that you in the pic above? Wearing nothing but a basque. But hell girl, you wear it well. (if it is you)

    Those chaps look like hoody types ... if you don't watch 'em they will steal a carton of Ribena from every non-diligent retail store.

  13. Like the Black Flag quote. Teenagers can be annoying, i dated a student teacher once and she told me she used to get these teenage boys following her around like iron filings to a magnet. You would think with the amount of porn on the internet there time would be better spend purple faced hunched over a laptop screen, teenagers these days... i don't know.

  14. The picture is hilarious, loving the fact that they obviously found them and thought of you. Then had the bottle to wear them in a shop filled with big beefy macho tattoo guys.

    But yucky too - there's really only one way a pair of knickers gets dropped in a parking lot...

  15. GB,
    here's hoping, hey?

    if he didn't before...

  16. Francis,
    you're telling me.

    aren't they precious?

  17. Becca,
    i hope so. i miss them when they're not around!

    i'm the new lady di ;)

  18. Danny,
    i can get 'em back for you...?

    THANK-YOU! finally, someone notices!

  19. Venom,
    yeah, the rule for my fan club isn't specific, you don't have to wear panties you found on the ground.

    yes. that was the worst part.

  20. Nellie,
    aren't they just?

    red shoes,
    me either ;)

  21. B&B,
    yeah, they're my little thugs.

    Lady M,
    thank-you! um...what's a basque?

  22. sundersartwork,
    i know! priorities, right?

    dirty cowgirl,
    yeah, i'm touched, but wouldn't touch them, you know? lol


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