Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shake Me Down

Kentucky Flying Chicken

Shake me down
Not a lot of people left around
Who knows now
Softly laying on the ground, ooooh
Not a lot people left around, ooooh

In my life, I have seen
People walk into the sea
Just to find memories
Plagued by constant misery
Their eyes cast down
Fixed upon the ground
Their eyes cast down

I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

In my past, bittersweet
There's no love between the sheets
Taste the blood, broken dreams
Lonely times indeed
With eyes cast down
Fixed upon the ground
Eyes cast down

I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

~ Cage The Elephant

Sinclair Lewis was invited to talk to some students about the writer’s craft.

He stood at the head of the class and asked, “How many of you here are really serious about being writers?” A sea of hands shot up. Lewis then asked, “Well, why aren't you all at home writing?”

And with that he walked out of the room.

God, I'm working so hard....



  1. lets hope the audience caught that Kentucky Flying Chicken

  2. I hope you didn't stick around after that. Getting camera angles to be just right IS hard work!!!

  3. So you're saying I should quit my job?


  4. Stop reading this! Get back to work!

  5. Now that's a way to end with class. BTW...where are you now? And what's with the pic? Can barely see ya?

  6. This was awfully short for a writer. I wrote a story once. I should find it and send it to you for your critique. Don't steal it!!

  7. Daft Scots Lass,
    ...with their mouths?!

    i don't stick around to take responsibility for, or to see the carnage after, anything i've done.

    yes, i'm saying you should quit your job.

    wait, what?

    Oilfield Daddy,
    are you going home to touch yourself? nice. nice. and i made you want to do that? NICE. NICE.

    where am i? what do you mean? i'm right here, darling. i promise i will take a better picture next time, it was my muse, he kept moving, the tempermental little bitch.

    are YOU critiquing MY written work here? that i stole from someone else?

    hmmm, yes, send me your story. I WON'T STEAL IT.

  8. Tell me why, when you posted about horses on my blog, that I automatically thought of you and me conquering the countryside like on Brokeback Mountain?

    Brokeback Mountain. That's all I got.


  9. Hed,
    *sob* i am honored to play heath legder to your jake gyllenhall. oh no, wait, he's dead, isn't he? let's both just be alive, uber gay cowboys.

    and that movie was actually filmed here where i live, around calgary and banff. i think that is a good portent for our bright future together, don't you? :)

  10. Well now I have two reasons to respect that guy. The other being that there isn't horsemeat in my burger.

  11. Ah yes, I like this mostly because it excuses me having no job. I'm going to go back to writing in my underwear now... pass the ramen noodles, k?


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