Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Starved Myself For This?

"God, I'm so full."

I had a poem here, but it was so awful I had to take it down.

Seriously, it was unbearable. 



  1. Customers should not treat anyone like shit, regardless of what service/place of business that they are. Period. End. Of. Story.

  2. Isn't it lovely when pieces of crap and hot messes put down others? I loathe people who hide behind blaming others or take no responsibility for their actions. You are a much better person than Charlie Sheen and if that VIP found strippers so appaling what the fuck was he doing in your club!? Assholes

  3. Don't ever let the bastards grind you down, you are incredibly beautiful and don't need to put up with that shit.

  4. I agree with Oilfield.

    There are men who no matter what profession/job you're in treat you like shite. Fucking suits that treat you like you're a retard and will amount to nothing because you're a server? Then stiff you on the tip because they're just cheap fucks.

    Chin up Girl...and don't work in T.O. Most of the suits I dealt with....were from there.

  5. I wouldn't put much stock into what he says, seeing as how A) he now looks like the crypt keeper B) his current claim to fame is a very, very unfunny sitcom hosted by the old person's network (CBS), and C) this is a man who told Piers Morgan that he's riding a mercury surfboard. What does that even mean?

    He's just plain out of his mind.

  6. I didn't know you were a stripper! From now on you will be on my list of 'cool chums'.

    The reason is that (although I know I can't generalise), when I gave birth to my daughter, I shared a hospital room with a stripper who had also just had a daughter. She was a bloody hoot, and made me laugh my head off with her stories.

    Ignore Charlie Sheen, he is a complete twat on every level. Have you read about all the comments he has recently made about himself? It was stuff like, "I need to realise I am special, I am talented and not like anyone else." I bet he can suck his own dick too.

  7. You'll always be fave blogger buddy, Kagey. If I was around when someone treated you like that you know exactly what they'd be getting. That's right, baby! Irish Jolly Stompin'!!!

    And I loved the whole post.

  8. Yeah, drama queen!

    Glad you recognized that.

    And why are you hating on Charlie Sheen? He gave each of his house-strippers (reminds of a house-elf from Harry Potter) their own bed. Does that sound patronizing or demeaning to YOU?

    Oh. Wait. I think my evidence might have not proven my point. My bad.

    Let me get back to you on that.


  9. DAMN IT! I hate when I write a profound paragraph then re-read it and it sounds stupid as hell so I delete it.

    I was going to say something along the lines of people are shit, you are beautiful and I will cut anyone who gives you a hard time.

    Okay, I feel better now. I hope you do too <3


  10. Is that you? I'm! Totally speechless! Um wow!

  11. fuck the fucking fuckers!

    i say that all the time...

    the world is full if fucking fuckers...

    you are better than a pathetic the shell of a human that was charlie sheen...

    you are wicked funny and clever, as well as hot...

    that is the fucking trifecta...

    just my take..

  12. Oilfield Daddy,
    yeah, most don't. but i like to write about the ones that do ;)

    i think the problem was that he liked strippers a little too much. haha! gross.

    Angry Lurker,
    thank-you :) and worry not, i snuck out on a "smoke break" and slashed his tires.

    yeah, 95% of the people who come in are awesome, right? but then there are the few who only feel good when they degrade others, i guess. or maybe it's just the really sick ones flock to strip clubs? DUH KAGE?

    you just forget about all the good people you see when you're really pissed off, lol

    haha! a mercury surfboard? really? i fucking love it. what a fucktard.

    Lady M,
    yeah, fuck that guy! though i suppose if he could suck his own dick, he wouldn't be so interested in disposable people like me, and then we wouldn't exist, right? at least, according to him. the twat.

    Sugar Free,
    omigod, you and i should go on the road together! we'll get drunk and lip off customers, then i'll run away and you can irish jolly stomp em while i sing dropkick murphys. deal?


    my girl. i love it when you threaten to cut people in my honor ;)

    um, you might have missed the point of the picture. hahahahaha! i love you.

    don't forget about my three kids, billy misha and chiclet! so we're like a double trifecta. if such a thing exists.

    by the way...what's a trifecta?

  13. Kage -If you want a road trip, you'll have to come to my side of the border. I'm not allowed in to enter Canada. We've talked about this. That being said......fuck yeah! I'm all in for the debauchery that would be a SF/Kage road trip!

  14. Well now I'm sad!

    Toronto is the worst, in general. That VIP guy was probably a Maple Leaf.

    TORONTO: "We're the New York of Canada!"
    CANADA: "Actually, dude, you're the Asshole of Canada."

    I guess then Montreal would be the Vagina, and maybe the Prairies could be the Boobies.

    Anyways, I just saw that picture of Hank holding a little kitty that looks like mine, and so now I'm all super happy again.

  15. That's really good poetry. All poetry is emo when you think about it.

    Every stripper I've ever known has been pretty smart or a genius. Sure there's a couple morons here and there, but that's true of all professions. You need to embrace the power you have. All these douchebags that talk down to you should be sent home broke and covered in glitter, so they have a hard time explaining themselves! Take ALL their money Kage, ALL OF IT!!!

  16. I actually really like what you wrote here.

    Back in the day, I worked at a strip club in Winnipeg. People used to raise their eye-brows a bit at that, me being a nicely brought up girl and all.

    I liked the dancers just fine, met a lot of smart, funny girls, met a lot of sad, seeking girls, met some out-right bitchy girls. I preferred the girls to the customers every time.

    If you have to starve yourself, do it for your writing, seek approval for your art, you don't need the approval of a bunch of horny and deluded old men with daughters your age who sit up in gynecology row hoping for some reason to see your tonsils from the wrong end. And who feel better about themselves when they're saying nasty shit to you so they don't have to look at whats wrong with themselves.

    But you don't need me to tell you that, right?

    Write on, girl : )

  17. If I ever got you in the VIP room I'd feed you biscuits and tell you to whisper big words into my ear.

  18. You were in Toronto in 2008? I missed you by 4 years.

    I would have punched that guy out for you in a second!

  19. Oh Babe

    I am sorry you went through that. My favorite club is Olympic Gardens in Vegas. I love love love the girls there.

    (they love me too)

    I think ladies make better customers anyway.

    that is all

  20. I didn't know you were here in 2008? Guess none of these other bloggers are from Toronto... I would never call this city the Asshole of Canada..

    parts of it are pretty bad, but it can't be that bad if 5 Million people live here. ;)

  21. @PHD: It was a joke dude.... haha... I've got family in Toronto, and I do like it, it is indeed a nice city.

    I still prefer Montreal though, since it was my home until last year :)


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